Craps Game Rules

Craps is a simple dice game where the participants place bets on the result of a series of random rolls, or dice. In most cases, players can also wager money against a separate bank or each other. “Street craps” is the most common version of this game which can also be played casually. In this version the dice are colored and printed with numbers instead of being rolled.

craps game

Craps first started out as a game called Plank. The name was borrowed from the plank on which the stickman would work. Each time the stickman rolled a die he would slap the plank and cause it to make a noise. When enough slaps had been made the stickman was allowed to continue his work. If the last slap was not sufficient to continue then the stuck man was out and the game was over.

Over the years the craps rules have been altered slightly, but the basic rules remain the same. All that has changed is the method in which bets are placed. In the traditional version of craps a person would place a bet, hope that their shot would hit the “pot”, if it did they would then add that amount of money to the pot (the “roll” or “pot”). That was all there was to it.

In today’s craps game two dice are used and the players are given four card deals. One player serves as the shooter and they take turns hitting the dice. Once the dice have been struck by the shooter, they must return to the spot where they had previously stood and cover up their bets with new ones. If these players cover their bets they are out and the other players are still playing. The shooter must re-roll the dice before the time for the re-roll is called.

The basic set up of the craps table is much the same, however since there are now two dice to use in the game, the original set up of only one table is no longer in existence. In these current times the craps table can be used in any type of gambling game, whether it is live poker or even video poker. It is important to remember that when using the craps table in video poker it is important to use the same type of dice that are being used in the traditional version. These dice need to be rubber dipped.

Today, online casinos are not strictly stick based. Online casinos have become increasingly creative with their games and so are the rules for playing craps. Some online casinos even have video involved as part of the craps table. There are many different types of craps games available on the internet and so it is best to research each site before becoming too involved in gaming.

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